Fiber Art

Traditional Round Reed Wickerwork

This immersive 4-day workshop is perfect for students of all skill levels who want to learn or expand their skills in the art of wickerwork basketweaving. Wickerwork is a style of basketweaving that uses fine round reed and intricate weaving patterns to create sturdy, useful, and beautiful baskets. Your instructor will meet you where you are in your basketweaving journey and customize instruction to either introduce you to, or build on, your skillset. Beginner students will focus on basic patterns while intermediate students will focus on more complex weaves. Day 1 and 2 students will practice different round-reed wickerwork base, weave, and rim techniques by weaving a sampler bowl. Then days 3 and 4, students will be weaving their own custom Easter basket using the techniques they practiced in the first two days using a mix of natural, tea-dyed, and hand-dyed pastel colored reed. You’ll walk away with two beautiful pieces you can keep for years to come and a host of valuable skills to build on. Material cost for all 4 days is a total of $40 payable to your instructor at the start of the first class.

Sorry, but there are no available courses being offered this semester.