Welcome to Summer Camps

Each summer, our goal at Pittsburgh Center for Arts and Media is to create outstanding art-focused camps for school-aged children (6-17). These camps are taught by talented, experienced teachers; supported by qualified, engaged assistants; and managed by an efficient, collaborative administrative team, all at our Shadyside campus.


Our 2024 Summer Camps will open for enrollment on March 5th. 

Extended Care Options

Extended care options are available before and after camp hours for students ages 6 – 17. Pre-camp is $35 per week. Post-camp is $65 per week. Space is limited, so it is recommended you enroll for pre- and/or post-camp at the time of camp registration. Registrations for extended care must be made no later than the Friday before camp begins. Students may only be registered for a full week of pre- or post-camp, not on a daily basis. Pre-camp begins at 8 AM. Post-camp ends at 6 PM. The pre- and post-camp counselors take campers to their designated studio at sign-in time, and escort campers to the post-camp studio at sign-out. Campers in pre- and/or post-camp may be signed in or out by an authorized adult at any time within pre/post camp hours.

Age Ranges

Pittsburgh Center for Arts and Media is dedicated to the best practices in arts education, including developing and implementing age-appropriate visual and media arts curriculum for our students. Each child, teen, and family program is designed to meet the unique social and developmental needs of children in each age bracket. There are also different equipment use guidelines for each age group. Students will not be allowed to attend educational programs outside of his or her age.

PCA&M Education

Pittsburgh Center for Arts and Media offers classes year-round in a variety of mediums. Our Shadyside campus has ten fine arts studios ranging from ceramics to printmaking to metalsmithing to digital and analog media. Our approach to arts education provides a balance between process and product and student progress is measured in terms of personal artistic growth, the acquisition of new skills and the ability to think critically.