The Organization

Providing arts education in Pittsburgh for 75 years and counting.

Mission Statement

PCA&M advances creative excellence in the arts, including studio, media, and creative writing. To achieve its mission, PCA&M provides equipment and facilities for individual artists, conducts educational programs, and stimulates public awareness and understanding through demonstrations, artist residencies, and exhibitions to cultivate a thriving arts community.

Artistic Statement

PCA&M nurtures and encourages artists and advances artistic excellence in all forms of visual art, from existing disciplines to those yet to be imagined. The artistic exchange—the sharing of thoughtful experiences with others— is at the core of PCA&M’s cultural philosophy. PCA&M cultivates the fertile environment for artistic exploration and expression essential to a community’s growth. It is crucial that art—making it and sharing it—is accessible. The creation of art is inextricably linked to free thought and should never be limited. Art inspires the community at every level to advance cultural dialogue. PCA&M provides opportunities for meaningful dialogue by focusing on content, space, and creating environments that encourage an open exchange of images and ideas.

Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Pittsburgh Center for Arts and Media (PCAM) is committed to promoting equity, respecting and honoring differences and embracing a broad spectrum of philosophies and life experiences. PCAM works to assure a welcoming environment for all board members, artists, members, staff, faculty, students, visitors, and vendors, regardless of age, class, gender, ethnicity, mental/physical ability, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

The History