Pastel Drawing

This course is an introduction to and survey of the medium of Pastel Drawing. Our goal will be to develop an understanding of the materials with which we are working and how the qualities of Pastel can be analogous to the qualities of our experience. We will begin with a brief review and refresher of drawing as a foundation for the work will do in color with Paste, then discuss basic color theory and optical color mixing. We will focus on building space, form, and light through color relationships. We will work with a variety of subject matter from still life to landscape, the figure and interior spaces. The format for this online course will be slideshow with discussion for the first hour and demonstration for the second. Generally, the work you do for this class will be done independently, outside of class time and you will have the ability to share your work with myself and the class to receive feedback.

All students must be 18 years of age or older.

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