Fiber Art

Ice Dye Workshop

This workshop will teach the basics of how to ice dye from start to finish. This technique uses ice to “split” colored dye into its component parts, resulting in vibrant, unpredictable, and complex explosions of color onto previously white fabrics. Students will have the opportunity to ice-dye two items, which will be provided. This workshop will take students through each step of the ice dyeing process so that everyone will be able to do this at home. The possibilities for ice dyeing are endless: shirts, pants, socks, aprons, bath towels, bedspreads, curtains, fabric squares for quilting – you name it, you can ice dye it! Take a look at the photos – a picture is really worth a thousand words when it comes to ice dyeing. This technique will bring the color bounding back into your life.

Sorry, but there are no available courses being offered this semester.