“Those Who Teach” 2022 Teaching Artists Exhibition

Call for artists…Teaching Artists that is…


This call is open to any teaching artist that has taught a class, workshop, or summer camp with PCA&M in the last 5 years. This call is also open to teaching artists that have worked with PCA&M through our program Artists in Schools and Communities. 


These are challenging times for teaching artists and we want to celebrate your artwork and acknowledge the work that you are doing within our organization and the greater community to educate and keep everyone staying creative.


Please apply through the form below.



Up to 3 works/images for consideration

Tell us what class or classes that you have taught or worked in residency with either PCA&M or AS&C.


Please list the title of artwork, medium, year created, dimensions and price (if for sale). Please submit by February 12th. Accepted artists will be notified no later than February 15th. 


All sold artworks will be split 70/30 between the artists/PCA&M

Please select a valid form