2024 Instructor Application

Looking for a flexible, part-time teaching opportunity working primarily with adult students? Apply to be an instructor at PCA&M!

Please fill out the application below, including your resume/CV and up to three pitches for classes you’d be interested in teaching with us. For an idea of what we offer, please visit our course catalog, though we’re always looking for new and innovative classes to offer our students, so please don’t feel restricted by our current offerings. Your pitch should include a course name and short description, a tentative supply list, how many sessions the class would be, and the skill level. 

Information about our classes: We serve 400-500 students per seasonal term, and we have four terms per year. We hold evening classes Monday – Thursday from 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM and daytime classes Monday – Sunday, at 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM or 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM. It is rare that we offer classes outside of these timeframes. Instructors are independent contractors, and while we don’t operate off of a set curriculum, we do prefer that instructors have experience creating classes and lesson plans.

PCA&M Instructor Application

PCA&M Instructor Application

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yART Sale Application

yART is half yard sale, half art show! Finally a place you can sell those pieces that didn’t come out just right, materials you just aren’t using anymore, or even studio treasures that just seem to be taking up space nowadays.

Vendor information:

• We will be accepting applications from June 1st through July 16th . We will be working to curate a variety of art forms at this event.

• Please be aware this is a unique vending event focused on helping you clean up and clean out your studios and back stock. Vendors are expected to bring discounted works, seconds, and even leftover supplies. 75% or more of your items must fit these categories. We encourage vendors to team up, share a space, and fill a tent with varieties of works and supplies.

• Spaces will be 10’x10’.

• Vendors may not extend outside their assigned area.

• We do not have electricity available.

• Vendors are responsible for bringing a tent, table, and chairs.

• All vendors are strongly encouraged to help promote on social media. PCA&M will provide marketing assets, such as branded graphics and imagery specially created for the event.  

• A non-refundable fee of $75 (member) / $100 (non-member) per tent/space will be charged upon acceptance. In order to qualify for member rates all vendors in the tent must be members.

Please email aclayton@pghartsmedia.org with any questions.

Are you a nonprofit organization?

A section of the yArt Sale will be dedicated to assisting arts nonprofits promote their organizations and/or sell products. 5 free slots are available. To apply for these spots please reach out to Audra Clayton at aclayton@pghartsmedia.org.


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