Sam Turich

Resident Artist

The basic rules of theatrical improvisation are also important rules for any type of collaboration, be it in the classroom, the workplace or the family. The fundamental rule of improvisation is: Always Say Yes. When the students are able to internalize this deceptively simple concept, they discover that effective collaboration, listening and teamwork are both easy and fun.

This residency will, through a fast-paced, fully interactive series of games and exercises, teach participants to think on their feet, have confidence in their own ideas and play well with others. Ultimately, every participant will know the self-esteem that comes from being ready for any situation. They will also develop public speaking and communication skills.

Sam Turich has over 12 years experience in the classroom, including 6 years as a PF/PCA Resident Artist. His residencies engage with STEAM curriculum principals through work with sections exploring anatomy, anthropology and counting exercises.

This residency promises to be a valuable experience that participants will never forget.