Ruth Trok


Ruth Trok is a ceramic artist who has taken a bit of an unconventional path. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Michigan, she spent much of her life raising a family and working in a corporate environment. After her kids were grown her husband saw her growing need for a creative outlet and got her a gift certificate for wheel throwing classes as a birthday gift. She found that she loved working on the pottery wheel and soon felt a need to pursue a professional career in ceramics. Although it was challenging to go back to school as an older adult, Ruth found that she loved studying art and enjoyed making connections with other artists. While completing her Associates in Art degree from the Community college of Allegheny County, she participated in an internship at the Pittsburgh Center for Arts and Media. In 2023 she was able to do a short artist in residence program in northern Michigan, allowing her to focus on developing her growing love for carving into her pots. Teaching at the Pittsburgh Center for Arts and Media has allowed her to continue to create work while building relationships and sharing her love of ceramic arts with others.