Mauve Tahat

Mauve (she/they) longs to encourage the types of relationships she found coming of age among artists-in-community, specifically in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. Now a resident of the greater Pittsburgh region for almost a decade, she hopes to embody the principle: you’re only as strong as your community. Mauve received her B.A. from Centenary University, M.A. from Kutztown University, M.Ed. from Lehigh University, and a Ph.D. from Indiana University of Pennsylvania where she specialized in the sociocultural analysis of prison life writing. Curating art shows in secret hallway galleries, formal spaces, and digital hubs; teaching classes in universities and in the streets; dancing in the studio and on the pavement: Mauve hopes to share these experiential resources to all people who open their lives to the powers of the arts and stresses their value to anyone who will listen. They enjoy making mixed media art with their two young kids when they are not touring the local playing areas.
Board member since July 2023