Marcé Nixon

InstructorResident Artist

My current body of work “Orange Crate Memories” is about my experiences as a young black woman growing up in Pittsburgh, PA. The orange crate has been a household staple in my hometown, Pittsburgh since I can remember. An orange crate, most likely ‘borrowed’ from the corner store, holds some of my best memories. From getting my hair braided on the porch to playing basketball with fake gold teeth. I am inspired by my lived experiences, West African textiles & ceramic history. Beneath the adornment of my work are rich meditative marks, that sing songs of resistance. Clay is archival, and every time I create I hear my grandma’s laughter saying ‘they couldn’t erase me’.

The aspect of being a teaching artist that most excites me is watching students progress. I really enjoy guiding students with their ideas as well as supporting them in overcoming obstacles, and exploring new techniques.

I have been serving as a teaching artist and assistant at Art Excursions Unlimited for nearly six years, where I developed hands-on teaching experience across multiple age ranges and varying learning abilities. Additionally, I have worked as a teaching artist in collaboration with Arts Education Collaborative, Carnegie Museum of Art, The Braddock Carnegie Library, the Union Project, and Manchester Craftsman’s Guild. I have a passion for fostering supportive learning environments, art history & expressive arts.