Linda Van Gehuchten

Resident Artist
Wood Artist

My most recent work is sculptural in wood, carved, turned and at times painted.  My career encompasses the use of classical forms and techniques to reach beyond obvious solutions to design problems.

The work I create includes innovative elements and shapes. I have arranged these shapes and elements to consciously add to my visual library.

The forms of my most recent work are turned with the inside-out technique, which I then carve.  My objective is to simplify the object to its purest form, to determine and isolate its relevant shapes. Satisfaction for me is defining a design element that appears outwardly complicated, but can be simplified to the point where the careful and disciplined steps of fine craftsmanship materialize and are enhanced. The pleasant surprise of a subtle design feature makes a piece so much more endearing.

Linda Van Gehuchten
Resident Artist Linda Van Gehutchen wood mural
Resident Artist Linda Van Gehutchen turned and painted wood bowl