Jeff Berman

Resident Artist

Rhythm as relationship, as a point of connection, and as universal communication.

I have been working over the past 30 years at developing and reinventing my relationship to Rhythm and it’s application in performance, composition, teaching, and the Art of Improvisation. From piano and drums as a young student, to mallet percussion (vibes/marimba) in college, to my current  work with extending the language and context for using the mountain dulcimer as a concert instrument, Rhythm is at the heart of these pursuits.

The percussion/rhythm residencies I direct, and the incorporation of  the disciplined skill of improvisation, promote this sense of building  relationships to your surrounding environment, as well as the 21st Century Learning Skills of communication, critical thinking, listening, problem solving, thinking on your feet, responding to challenges, taking informed risks, expanding our comfort zones, and teamwork.

Resident Artist Jeff Berman