Jan Loney

Resident Artist

My work is often informed by science, technology, nature, and ecological practices, and I love exploring and expressing our response to social and environmental issues.

I have been a professional metal artist for 20 years, specializing in artisan jewelry and small scale commissioned objects for decorative and functional use.  Eager to expand my technical skills, project experience, and client base, I have supplemented my small-scale work with several public art commissions, at incrementally larger scales. With these forays, I have realized how my creative process extends to larger projects, in terms of concept, design, planning, infused wit, meticulous fabrication, and my passion for exploring new media, materials, and methods for making art.

Since 2000, I have completed 35+ teaching residencies in Southwestern PA as a teaching artist with the PA Council on the Arts. Each assignment has challenged and enriched my taste for integrating art, education, and community outreach, and refreshed my confidence and sense of wonder in the extraordinary abilities of the young people with whom I work.

Working as a professional teaching artist benefits me in a number of ways. As an artist, giving back to others and helping them achieve their artistic goals fills me with a sense of completion and satisfaction. I serve as an inspiration and example to others that being an artist can be a rewarding and profitable way to earn a living and fill an important role in society. Teaching connects a wide range of students in both age and socio-economic levels and those connections invariably lead to more projects and people who want to work with an artist. Finally, art is a wonderful vehicle for working with a population who may not traditionally excel at academics and allows them to gain recognition for their artistic accomplishments.

Jan Loney