Akil Esoon

Resident Artist

With a strong desire to infuse timeless artistry from across the African Diaspora, Akil Esoon cleverly fuses intercultural influence to create a classic musical expression that crosses cultures and blends eras of style.

Having studied the work of James Brown, Bob Marley, and Quincy Jones, musician and producer Akil Esoon effortlessly engages the masses by creating a common experience through his ability to give ‘that good feeling’.  Akil creates musical content that the current mainstream does not offer by skillfully crafting visceral musical expressions full of strong cultural healing tones that are immersed in inspirational lyricism.

Akil has an innate ability to create music that transcends cultural barriers, by re-shaping and revolutionizing the worldviews. In a mission to lead by example, Akil is intimately weaving a musical legacy in the hearts and minds of media consumers throughout the world. As a producer, MC, musician, and keyboardist with rap-rock group Formula 412, Akil is able to share firsthand knowledge of the music industry with his students.

With undeniable positivity, he is able to share his direct experiences and broad insight about the hard work, career skills, and collaboration necessary to become a professional musician. Akil embodies the idea that with dedication and perseverance, dreams can become reality.

Akil Esoon
Akil Esoon, Resident Artist