Adrienne Heinrich

Resident Artist
Interdisciplinary Artist

Adrienne Heinrich is a working studio artist who is primarily a sculptor, but is also a painter who believes in using whatever media will best express her message.  Having created major installations in Pittsburgh, Greensburg, and New York City, she has demonstrated this ability to convey ideas through the use of sculpture and painting. She was Pittsburgh Center for the Art’s Artist of the Year in 2002.

She has conducted residencies with elementary, junior and senior high school students as well as university students since 1990.  She has worked outdoors creating seasonal sculptures, or worked in classrooms to collaboratively produce small sculptures that can be displayed for a time in the school and then taken home to enjoy privately.  Also, she enjoys working with community organizations and groups such as nursing homes to record participants own memories in an artistic project that they can keep and display in their personal space.

Adrienne plans projects ahead of time with teachers that will reflect the needs of the students’ curriculum and the school, or organization’s special needs while using materials that are readily available. For instance, if working with English teachers, she and the students can explore the use of vocabulary with painting and sculpture, or can lead the painting of fantasy landscapes to set the scene for story telling. With all groups, she explores using universal signs and symbols to create sculptures with safe materials.

Adrienne Heinrich
Adrienne Heinrich - dreamships installations