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Summer Dreamers

PCA&M is proud to be a part of The Summer Dreamers Academy, a no-cost, premier summer learning camp — which has operated in since 2012 — thanks to generous support from local and national funders. Students enrolled in Pittsburgh Public Schools and who have completed grades K-8 are eligible for free tuition to high quality summer learning.

Students enrolled in Pittsburgh Public Schools are eligible for free tuition to high quality summer learning. Because program space is limited, the program is unable to serve every child who applies. If PPS receives more applications than they have spaces for, acceptance decisions are made based on serving children who are most at-risk for summer learning loss. This typically involves looking at a child’s academic performance and eligibility for free and reduced-price lunch status.

Meet some of our Teaching Artists who facilitated our Summer Dreamers Academy Camps and read about what students were immersed in each week in some of their Weekly Newsletters.

2019 Academy Highlights

Interdisciplinary Teaching Artists Lindsay Woge, Courtney Robson, and Joanna Abel took kindergarten students on an artistic adventure during summer 2019’s Imagination Exploration camps at Camp Arlington and Camp Obama. Each artist infused their campers’ afternoons with an array of creative art endeavors including drawing, painting, collaging, dancing, moving, writing, and journaling.

Teaching Artist Claire Sabatine of Jumping Jack Theater engaged kindergarten students in creative play, drawing, painting, collaging, dancing and movement, and puppet making centered around exploring animals and nature in Creature Camp at Camp Arlington.

Teaching Artist Laura Jean McLaughlin shared the magic of ceramics with second graders in Clay & Mosaic Extravaganza at Camp Obama. Campers created and composed journals, learning daily about a famous artist, and created clay sculptures and rattles, and collaborated to create a camp mosaic to be installed at the school site. What a summer!

Click here to see an interactive presentation from Imagination Exploration at Camp Faison from Summer 2014!

Interdisciplinary Fiber Artist, Amanda Gross and Ceramicist Moira Ernst Brennan worked with elementary students to make creatures and their various habitats in two Creature Camps.

Creative-Reuse Designer, Lindsay Woge, Katie Pirilla and Linzy Farmerie, and Joanna Abel stretched students creativity in 3 different Imagination Exploration Camps.

Fine Artist/Mosaic Artist Laura Jean McLaughlin created ceramics with students as small as coil bowls and as large as mosaic murals in Clay & Mosaic Extravaganza!

Tom Sarver, an Interdisciplinary Puppeteer, worked with middle school students in the Sculpture & Performance camp. They experimented with contour drawing and worked on large scale wearable art work construction throughout the camp! Click here to read the newsletter about camp.