Opening Reception: Those Who Teach

Featuring the work of 36 artists who have taught with the center, the exhibition showcases the work that supports their practice and inspires our students and members!

We hope to see you at the opening reception from 6-8pm as we celebrate all of the fantastic talent in our community!


Featuring The Work Of:

Erin Bechtold

Christine Bethea

Olga Brindar

Amy Burke

Kat Charnley

Audra Clayton

Katy DeMent

Brooke Ebeling

Pat Falbo

Lorraine Free

Tyler Gedman

Heather Heitzenrater

Lindsay Huff

Elle Kaplan

Jan Loney

Tressa Jones

Caitlin Kemp

Ryan McCormick

Bridget McKenna

Laura Jean McLaughlin

Constance Merriman

Debra Meteney

Taylor Mezo

Al Middlemiss

Patti Middlemiss

Joseph Noderer

Rachel Oliver

Kate Owens

Eve Palaguta

Tom Sarver

Darrin Simmons

Sarah Sindler

Emerald Sundquist

Melissa Sullivan

Margaret Taylor

Bernie Wilke

Kara Zuzu