Mixed Media

Visual Journaling with Gel Printing, Mixed Media, and Collage

Visual journaling expresses your life experiences, observations, and insights primarily through imagery rather than words. Each week, techniques and visual approaches will be demonstrated and discussed, including gel plate monoprinting, handmade stamps and stencils, and collage. Applying approaches to composition and design elements and principles (e.g., line, shape, color, pattern, balance) will bring disparate parts into a unified whole. The result will be layered pages that transform the fragments of your life and history, your insights and passions into a unique handmade visual journal. All experience levels are welcome.

Students must be 18 years of age or older. 


Photo 1 by Arden Solomon. Mixed Media and Collage handmade visual journal.

Photo 2 by Debby Glick. Mixed Media and Collage handmade visual journal.

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