Creative Writing

Poetry, Memoir, Other: Writing Personal Lyric Hybrid

Writing about personal experience through literature seems an obvious task, but the balance and artistry to write such work requires nuance and discernment. As writers, we look for tools of genre that best scaffold our writing to achieve our intended expression or message. Traditionally, this takes us down the rabbit holes of genre, but our work can often benefit from engaging with multiple genres. This special course will focus on the collision of poetry and memoir in lyric hybrid, and will touch on other modes with poetry, including visual art and digital media. We will unravel tools of each genre, and explore when and how to apply those tools to craft nuanced creative work that gets at our personal stories. The course will feature discussion of outside texts, generative writing time, and workshop of written work. Suitable for intermediate writers with a project in mind, as well as beginners wanting an introduction to poetic voice and genre-bending.

This class will be held online, via Zoom.


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