Special Workshops

Online: Art Business Start-up & Early Expansion

Artistic professionals stepping into the arena of small business ownership have a different set of obstacles to face compared to other entrepreneurs. Creating thoughtful work, selling it in-person or on an E-commerce platform, and handling the marketing, operations, legal matters, and customer service involved in running a business—and doing most of this work by yourself—can be a daunting task. As a seven-year veteran of the craft-art business world and a small business consultant for a variety of small to mid-level businesses, Peter Depasquale of Minima-Maxima will guide students through the core essentials of starting, running, and maintaining a successful art-based business that sells to both retail and wholesale clients — in spaces both physical and digital. Principles will be broken down into easy-to-digest lessons, and students will set attainable goals for building their own business.

Sorry, but there are no available courses being offered this semester.