Basketweaving: Closed-Bottom Coffee/Tea Basket

A next step in beginner-level workshops for students who already have completed Intro to Basketweaving, or have some basic basketweaving experience, and would like to continue to build their skills in classic flat-reed basketry. In this one-day workshop, we’ll be focusing on learning how to create a solid base in your square basket and how to create a zipper pattern using weaving techniques with a specially hand-dyed, natural tea-dyed reed. You will get to weave your very own 7-inch x 7-inch x 4-inch Zipper-Pattern Closed-Base Coffee/Tea Basket to take with you. Tool kits, spoke weights, and soak tubs will be available to use during class.  You will need to bring your own blot cloth and clothes pins. Weaving materials can be purchased directly from the instructor for $8.

Basketweaving: Intro to Wickerwork

An intermediate workshop for returning students who are proficient in traditional plait basketweaving. During this four-day hands-on workshop, students will be introduced to the concepts and techniques of traditional wickerwork. Many of these techniques have their origins in weaving fabrics and we’ll use them to weave wicker. By the end of the class, you’ll have created a sampler mat of 9 common wicker weaves, 4 different types of sample bases, 3 mini baskets showcasing 3 different woven border techniques, and a sampler breadbasket that you design and weave based on the techniques you learned in the course. Weaving materials can be purchased directly from the instructor for a $41 fee.

Pressure Printing on an Etching Press

This mono printing technique uses the pressure of the etching press to create the plate you will print from. Using cut stencils and mat board sheets as our matrix, students will create ephemeral monoprints in this one-day workshop. All levels are welcome! Please arrive prepared for a fun and productive workday. All materials except paper are provided.

All students must be 18 years of age or older. 

Master Class in Indigo Batik

Join us for this rare, two-day intensive on indigo dyeing with a master craftsman. Gasali Adeyemo, Nigerian Indigo Master, will teach the traditional Yoruba technique of Batik with indigo dye. Indigo dye is an organic substance, derived from dried leaves of the indigo plant that grows wild in Nigeria. Batik is the process of creating designs using wax, and in the Yoruba tribe, it is known as “adire alabela,” which means “wax resist.” This workshop will focus primarily on techniques applying the design to fabric free-hand, which is most common in Nigerian culture.

Students will need to bring 2 yards of pre-washed, 100% cotton fabric, and it is recommended they wear old, comfortable clothes. There will also be a 30-minute break for lunch each day.

Watercolor Workshop

Join PCA&M Shop artist, Mansi Sood, for a watercolor workshop on painting vibrant mountain landscapes. Open to all experience levels, the participants will be introduced to the basics of layering and colour-mixing with water-colors. This workshop is perfect for those looking to play with color, be inspired by nature, or relax and see the water create magic on paper.

Screenprinting Workshop

Join us for a quick dive into the art of screenprinting in this one-night workshop! Learn how to take your own drawings from sketches to images burned into a screen while collaborating to make a one-of-a-kind screenprint with your fellow workshopers. Perfect for total beginners or those with previous experience who want to jump back in!

Basketweaving: Chain Link Napkin Basket

Join us for a beginner-level workshop for students who have completed Intro to Basketweaving (or have tried basketweaving in the past) and would like to build their skills in traditional flat-reed plaiting with color and pattern. During this one-day workshop, we’ll discuss terminology, materials, patterns, and techniques as you weave your very own 7in x 7in x 4in Black and Natural Chain-Link Napkin Basket.

Intro to Basketweaving

Have you ever wanted to try basketweaving but didn’t know where to start? During this one-day workshop, you’ll get an introduction to the tools, terminology, and techniques of traditional checkerwork basketry while weaving your very own 5in diameter, 8in high Handled Plaited Basket. Designed for beginning students with little or no experience in basketweaving, or for those who may have dabbled in the past and would like to brush up on their skills.

Ceramic Whistle-Making Workshop

In this one-session workshop, PCA&M’s Ceramic Artist in Residence Kimberlyn Bloise will guide students through creating whistles out of clay. Taking inspiration from Kim’s exhibition of interactive sound sculptures, Trying to Relate, students will utilize hand building methods and surface decoration techniques to make a unique whistle of their own.

Valentine’s Stamping Workshop

Bring your sweetie or your galentines or just yourself to this Valentine’s Day workshop. Learn how to carve a relief stamp and create a one of kind art piece all in one night! In this quick intro to relief printmaking, you’ll learn about what images work best for stamps, how to use relief tools, and how to make a repeating pattern that is great whether you’re making cards or stamping a tote bag. Each student will leave with their artwork and handmade stamp.