Digital / Analog Illustration (HS)

Dive into the world of digital illustration! In this immersive workshop, you’ll create original work of your own while learning about the power and prevalence of digital illustration in our society. This is a heavily Procreate-focused class. We will also touch upon Adobe Illustrator.

Drawing and Painting (High School)

Learn how to create a painting from start to finish! Turn your ideas into sketches that will inspire your final masterpieces. Explore mark-making materials like charcoal and pastel while transforming your sketches into drawings. With your developed expertise, compose and execute paintings using watercolor and acrylic paints.

Digital Animation Workshop (High School)

This workshop serves as an introduction to digital illustration for students interested in drawing, animating, and creating characters and worlds of their own. You’ll learn how to create computer-generated 2D animations using a stylus and graphics tablet, while referencing animations viewed in class to inform and inspire your work. Work with programs to explore the vast possibilities of animation, and begin bringing your own unique stories to life!

Intro to Printmaking

Learn the basics of printmaking in this immersive workshop! Utilizing both PCA&M’s screenprinting studio and printmaking studio, students will learn techniques such as illustrative screenprinting, monoprinting, linocut, and more to create unique prints.

Drawing and Painting (High School)

Dive deep into the world of a 2D artist as you learn to express your thoughts and ideas through drawing and painting. During this camp we’ll look at using art principles such as value, composition, and gesture to create finished pieces out of a variety of materials. We will explore multiple approaches to drawing and painting styles such as impressionism, realism, and abstract art.

Digital Illustration Workshop

Dive into the world of digital illustration! In this immersive workshop, you’ll create original work of your own while learning about the power and prevalence of digital illustration in our society. Amp up your personal portfolio with creations made in Procreate as well as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

The Graphic Novel (High School)

Do you have a story to tell, but you’re unsure of how to get it out? In this class, students will develop the necessary skills to tell stories with images. We’ll explore contemporary and classic comic books and graphic novels as inspiration for students’ own original characters, and learn basic drawing techniques to get started. From there, we’ll discuss how to utilize the visual form to enhance a story’s narrative with elements such as panels, text and thought bubbles, blank space, sound effects, motion lines, and narration. By the end of class, students will have a first chapter of their graphic novel completed, along with the skills needed to continue their project.

Constructed Visions

In this camp, students will learn the process of producing a commercial photo and/or video shoot. We will focus on set design, styling, art direction, lighting, and post-processing. Projects will be products/still life and fashion/portrait based, allowing the students to work with both photo and video. The class takes students from creating an initial concept to the final image.

Campers will be require to wear masks during camp and have their temperatures taken prior to entering the studio. For more information about our precautions for in-person camps this year, please visit the main camp page.

Ceramic Studio (HS)

Dig into the nitty and gritty of ceramics during during this ceramic study. Our teaching artists will guide you in learning and perfecting the art of wheel throwing and handbuilding. Create works that are both functional and sculptural by working through designing and problem solving during the making process. Dabble in a variety of different finishings such as Raku, low fire, mid fire, and high fire kilns.

Post-Camp Care

Extended care options are available before and after camp hours for students ages 6 – 17. Space is limited, so it is recommended you enroll for Pre and/or Post-camp at the time of camp registration. Registrations for extended care must be made no later than the Friday before camp begins. Students may only be registered for a full week of pre or post-camp, not on a daily basis.

The Pre and Post-camp counselors take campers to their designated studio at sign-in time, and escort campers to the post camp studio at sign-out. Campers in Pre and/or Post-camp may signed in or out by an authorized adult at any time within pre/post camp hours.