Digital / Analog illustration (11-13)

Dive into the world of digital illustration! In this immersive workshop, you’ll create original work of your own while learning about the power and prevalence of digital illustration in our society. This is a heavily Procreate-focused class. We will also touch upon Adobe Illustrator.

Metals and Glass

Explore the intersections of metal and glass in this new course offered in PCA&M’s jewelry studio! Campers will sample a range of processes including stained glass, glass fusing, enameling, and metalsmithing.

Art in Nature

Use found objects, mixed media, fibers techniques, wood, and metal to create site-specific works of art around the PCA&M grounds and Mellon Park. Campers will utilize elements of design on three-dimensional forms that can become hanging mobiles, fairy gardens, wind chimes, and other sources of delight. Get your hands dirty by incorporating live plants and help design and create a collaborative sculpture installation as well!

Print Processes

The world of printmaking is huge! In this camp you’ll experiment with different techniques, methods, and materials needed to create different types of prints. Explore relief printing, etching, and monoprinting all in one week! You’ll have enough prints by the end of the week to decorate your entire house.

Print Processes (Ages 11-13)

The world of printmaking is huge! In this class, students will experiment with different techniques, methods, and materials needed to create different types of prints. Explore relief printing, screen printing, monoprinting, and more!

Foundations of Sewing (11-13)

Become familiar with using a sewing machine and learn the basics of joining fabric. Utilize a number of different machine and hand stitches, explore fundamental sewing techniques, and broaden your horizons of fiber art. Leave at the end of the week having created personal, functional, and decorative items for you and your home.

Foundations of Photoshop

Learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop in this graphic design focused camp! Students will complete an array of projects that dive deep into the features of this powerful software. Learn how to edit photos, create digital collages, and more!

Darkroom Photography

Learn the art of darkroom photography in this camp! You’ll learn the basics of black and white photography, how to use a 35mm camera, and process and print your own rolls of film. Every step of the process matches a magical tool or spell. You’ll practice your skills while creating photographs you’ll want to frame. Cameras, film, and photo paper provided.

Foundations of Photoshop (Ages 11-13)

Learn to manipulate images to create all new works of art! In this class we will delve into design fundamentals using Photoshop as the medium. We also will touch on tool functions, navigation, and layout. Some projects include a movie poster, a digital collage, and a spoof ad.

Little Cities: A Class in Cardboard (Ages 11 – 13)

Ignite your imagination and skills as a maker with this class, where you can build cardboard cities out of recycled materials. Learn how to construct three-dimensional objects, problem-solve features such as doors, windows, multiple stories, and staircases, and gain confidence in your ability to invent and explore. This is NOT a technical architecture or design class and requires no expertise in math or engineering. Just bring your old delivery boxes and your ideas!