Saurabh Singh

At-Large Advisor

Saurabh (he/him) is a Senior Specialist, Information Security at BNY Mellon. He holds a bachelor of science in information technology from the University of Washington. He also holds various certificates in cybersecurity & data analysis/management from MIT and University of Washington. Additionally, he is a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) through the EC-Council. Beyond his day-to-day role, Saurabh is an active contributor to BNY Mellonā€™s Employee ResourceĀ Groups, IMPACT for multicultural employees, and the Women in Technology group, to promote a more diverse and inclusive environment in the STEM industry. Furthermore, he has volunteered to teach cybersecurity basics to Girl Scouts of Western Pennsylvania and also provided an IT Cyber & Data recovery plan to The Mattress Factory. Saurabh is an avid salsa dancer and enjoys organizing for events and communities.

At-Large advisor since March 2023, former Board member since March 2021