Rose Clancy

Resident Artist
Installation Artist

I was ten years old when the flight and ground crews of the Apollo 13 Space Mission used makeshift materials and a team approach to creative problem-solving to ensure the safe return of three astronauts from a failed mission to the moon. Shortly after witnessing this event, I started to create found object assemblages, imagining scenarios in which my creations also “saved the day.”

Today I create assemblage sculptures and topic-specific installations that utilize found objects and recycled materials to create immersive environments of active transformation that comment on social and environmental issues.

Working with students as they observe, discover, and create their own interpretation and methods of communicating information to others invigorates me. I enjoy facilitating the transfer of information through the creative process of making, both as a learning experience for the individual student and as a shared experience for the classmates and community around the student.


Rose Clancy – All For Naught, Forget Me Not | paper maché, found objects | installation | 2015: This work narrates the timeline of a parent’s mental illness as seen from the eyes of a child.


Rose Clancy – Yardage + The Making of Dresses | rust stained cotton fabric, walnut dye | 2014 installation at The Mattress Factory

Rose Clancy