Michelle Sabol

Resident Artist
Jewelry Artist

With 22 years of jewelry making experience, I love to teach about the techniques and materials used to create stunning works of wearable art. I’m a metalsmith, an explorer, a beader, and an experimenter. I can assist students of many different ages and backgrounds on their individual journey of building skills and self-confidence.

My goal is always to see the broader potential of each student. Encouraging growth of self-expression reveals a deeper understanding of one’s self and the world in which we live. Jewelry can be beautiful, healing, personal or political. It can be fun while integrating understandings of a broader curriculum; it can contain concepts that reflect deeper expressions of historical and conceptual contexts.

Michelle was featured in this article in the Washington Observer-Reporter. Learn more about her process and see more of her amazing artwork and view more of her work on her website!


Learn more about Memphis in these great videos below:

Jewelry workshops in Hazelwood with Arts Excursions Unlimited, Heinz Endowments, Carnegie Library of Hazelwood, and Pittsburgh Office of Public Art:

Resident Artist Michelle Sabol headshot
Resident Artist Michelle Sabol - Lucite Flowers necklace
Resident Artist Michelle Sabol - Swimming in the River of Life necklace
Resident Artist Michelle Sabol - Sea Urchin necklace
Resident Artist Michelle Sabol - With Thanks to the Wasps Who Ate My Spiders necklace